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Some of Our Projects

It's always better to see where you've been to love what Nature Floors has created even more.

Brazilian Walnut

before- This home in Davis County, Utah actually had TWO layers of subfloor underneath some very ugly laminate. 

after- Now, it has a beautiful, dark, recycled brazilian walnut floor that will become darker as time goes on.

Benefits of a Dustless Sanding


Dustless sanding is a highly beneficial option of which many homeowners are not aware. A state-of-the-art Atomic Dust Containment System is a vacuum that continually extracts dust and stores it outside your home in an self-contained unit. Dust is removed as it is created, helping maintain a healthy, breathable environment during and after the sanding process.


Older hardwood floors can reclaim their past glory with a professional sanding treatment. Many homeowners, however, are reluctant to commit to such a project because of the mess and hassle from all the dust generated in the process. Not looking forward to dust in light fixtures, drapes, or inside every cabinet, the dream of reviving those beautiful floors easily becomes abandoned due to the daunting after-project clean up. With dustless sanding clean-up is a breeze!

Custom Stains


Nature Floors will work with you to find just the stain you are looking for!

The type of stain will either accentuate or obscure the wood grain. Most commercial stains contain both dye and pigment and the degree to which they stain the appropriate wood is mostly dependent on the length of time they are left on the wood. Pigments, regardless of the suspension agent, will not give much color to very dense woods but will deeply color woods with large pores (e.g. pine).

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